6 Web Series That Show How Good TV Could Be With More Women Behind the Camera

YES!! And along with making you laugh, one of the very reasons we created Seeking Sublet in the first place.

We are so proud to have a completely female creative team, writer/director and lots of kickass female crew members from our AD to our Production Manager to Editors, just to name a few, helping us make this show!

Despite the Existence of Shonda Rhimes And Orange Is the New Black, TV Isn’t More Woman-Friendly

PROOF: “Women make up only 27 percent of the behind-the-camera workforce in broadcast television / only 42 percent of onscreen broadcast speaking roles/ only 25 percent of television writing jobs / female directors of photography are down to a paltry 2 percent / only 20 percent of show creators / 23 percent of executive producers / and 44 percent of shows employed four or fewer women total.”

Which makes us even more proud that Seeking Sublet is creatively driven, crewed and acted by so many phenomenal females! BeTheChangeYouWantToSee!! 

Think you’ve had the worst roommate ever? See if they’re on our Buzzfeed list of the 20 Worst Roommates Imaginable, which includes GIFS all from characters featured in our first season (like the ones you see above): 


Please check it out and share! Hopefully you don’t find out that you’re the bad roommate ;)

Fall in NYC. So beautiful it makes having to go through the torture of trying to find a new roommate more bearable for Tess, Sam and Jake. At least when they go outside. 

Meet Jake: The BFF Who Can't Pay Rent - watch more funny videos

Ever had a best friend you really wanted to live with, but who could just never get the money together to make that happened and so crashed on your couch instead? Sam and Tess do. Meet Jake!

Yes, many of our characters would agree with this. 

Fall is here! Which means Sam and Nate are pumped for football season. While for Jake, cooler weather means the perfect napping season has arrived. He also enjoys the free snacks. How about you?

Meet Ashley: The Sister Who Visits To Crash For Free In NYC - watch more funny videos

Most siblings like to have fun together. But sometimes their idea of “fun” is pretty different. Just ask Tess and Ashley. Especially when Ashley comes to visit for the weekend. Hope you have a great weekend!